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Some recent projects

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Bikes are stolen because they can be sold quickly and easily. We created the type of database we wanted to use to store our bikes and make bike theft less profitable. We think you'll want to use Bike Index to protect your bike too.

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Rentalutions has a big idea - they want to help independent landlords manage their businesses simply and easily. We worked to develop the concept into a system for landlords and tenants that handles all aspects of their interaction, then helped them hire a great CTO to lead their charge.

What our clients are saying

"Will and his team at Tall Green Tree helped us take our big idea - of changing the way do-it-yourself landlords manage their businesses - and make it into a tangible beta product that we were able to launch with. Will, besides being a highly competent and well-rounded full-stack developer, was also able to offer the suggestions we needed as we were thinking about infrastructure, user experience, design and lean methodology. I'd highly recommend Tall Green Tree for any startup looking to take their idea to the next stage with the help of the expertise of a seasoned web developer."
- Laurence Jankewlow, Co-founder of Rentalutions

Will Barrett

Principal Consultant

product & software development, devops